We've collected a few of the most commonly asked questions about Cooking Hobs, which will hopefully save you some time. If you'd still like to speak to our staff you are welcome to give us a call, drop us an email, or chat to us through our instant messaging service.

Cooking Hobs

  • Which size hob should I buy?

    This question can have many potential answers depending on the style of your kitchen, the size of the cooker unit and, of course, your cooking habits. First off, measure the length and width of the hob to be replaced and use that as a guide. If you are a first-time hob buyer, simply measure the length and width of the cooker unit, and you can use these dimensions to search through our range of available hobs for designs that match. And remember to always get a new hob fitted by a professional fitter/electrician.

  • How should I clean the hob?

    Light grease and cooking build-ups can be removed with a warm, soapy cloth. Many of our high-quality hob models have removable pan stands to help you clean in areas most prone to dirt and grime build-ups. Alternatively, apply a cleaning agent with a spray or sponge and leave for a few minutes before wiping.

  • How far from the wall should a newly installed hob really be?

    As a rule, a brand new hob should be 50mm or more from the hob to the wall. This is to prevent potentially costly mishaps from being too close to the wall.

  • What are the types of hob available?

    Cookology has a wide selection of hobs available, including:

    • Domino hobs are good for stacking and customising different types of panels to create your perfect personalised cooking area
    • Ceramic hobs have touch-sensitive controls and have everything you need on one clean surface
    • Induction hobs are similar to ceramic hobs, but are more efficient and able to concentrate their heat more closely onto the heat rings
    • Gas hobs use an open flame to cook food instantly
    • Electric hobs use a safe heat to cook after a few short minutes
  • How much clearance should there be between a gas hob and the oven?

    You must have a gap of at least 25 mm and at most 74 mm between the underneath of the appliance and any surface that is below it.

  • What is the minimum distance between gas/electric hobs and a cooker hood?

    There is no set maximum distance between your Cookology hob and hood. However, it is recommended to consider that performance may be affected if the higher hood is placed from the minimum distance. If you cook on a ceramic or induction Cookology hob and you’re not cooking with gas, then the minimum distance is less.

    • Cookology electric hobs need to have 65cm between the hob and the cooker hood.
    • Cookology gas hobs need to have 75cm between the hob and the cooker hood.
    • Mixed Fuel Hobs are 75cm between hob and hood.
  • Can I use all 4 rings on full power on a plug-in induction hob?

    For plug-in inductions hobs such as our 13amp plug-in induction hob (CIP613), you cannot use all 4 rings on full power at the same time, as the overall power is limited to 3000W at any one time. Additionally, the CIP613 will automatically limit the sum of all power levels to 12. Surveys tell us that this is more than enough for the average cook, but if several cooking zones have to be used at the same time then a “hard-wired” version such as the Cookology CIT600 or CIB605 induction hobs might be more suitable. These must be fitted by a qualified electrician.

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