Table Top Beverage Coolers

Just because you have limited space, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having perfectly cooled drinks. Cookology’s table top beverage coolers can chill your wine, beer or soft drinks to a refreshing temperature while being small and light enough to perch atop a counter top. Available in various colours, styles and sizes, you’ll be sure to find a model that suits your space, whether that be a kitchen, office or student accommodation.

Our mini drinks cooler fridges have so many uses, you’ll always find a purpose for them. For at home, you could use it as a slimline wine fridge that holds up to 14 of your favourite bottles of white in case of a sudden party or get-together, or a beer fridge that means your cans and bottles will no longer take up space in the food fridge. If you’re having a staycation, this would be ideal for use in the caravan while you’re away while staying whisper-quiet. With its slick temperature control options, you’re able to get your drinks exactly how you want them. And if you have an office that would love to celebrate the end of the week with a cheeky beverage, a Cookology drinks cooler comes very much in handy.

Browse our mini fridge collection and get the slimline wine fridge or beer fridge that your living space has been begging for. Order from Cookology today to receive your table top beverage cooler with free arranged UK delivery. Once you order, we will contact you to book a delivery day between 5-7 working days, so that you can have the ultimate drinks cooler fridge right away.

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