Solid Plate Hobs

Solid plate hobs are a type of integrated or plug-in electric hob that offers incredible value for money. Because of its fundamental setup and few electronic components, you can get all the basics you need from a hob without additional bells and whistles. If you find yourself trying to save some money on your kitchen appliances or simply want a simple kitchen setup, Cookology’s solid plate electric hobs are not only cost-effective but offer reliability with little maintenance.

Take a look at our solid plate 60cm electric hob, which has four cooking zones controlled by tactile rotary controls which allow you to use the heat settings precisely. This model, and the many other sizes, are available in a selection of different material colours to match your kitchen perfectly. These include black enamel, stainless steel and a gossamer white that will bring out the beauty of your kitchen design.

If you have a more compact living space such as an apartment or studio flat, Cookology has created the 2-zone solid plate just for you. Fitting in a space that accommodates a 30cm hob width, this offers you the ability to cook a simple meal for the flat or even two meals simultaneously. Plus, the aforementioned electronic-free design of solid plate hobs – negating features such as touch controls, glass and timers that could go wrong or break later down the line – means that this cooker can exceed at one simple job and is effortlessly reliable. So, whether you have a more modest living space or simply need your hob to get the job done, browse our collection of Cookology’s solid plate integrated and plug-in electric hobs, and order yours online today.

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