For those who desire a kitchen hob that is cost-effective, looks as elegant as a glass induction hob and is child’s play to clean, Cookology’s line of ceramic hobs are a significant upgrade that will transform how you use your kitchen. Find your perfect ceramic hob for you and your kitchen today by browsing through our range. Cookology ceramic hobs come in a variety of colours, sizes and functionality, but all maintain Cooklogy’s signature cooking power.

Electric ceramic hobs are a style of hob that, unlike induction hobs, are heated through conduction. The electrical current is transferred to elements located beneath the ceramic glass surface which evenly fry, boil and cook your food. Ceramic electric hobs are easy to clean, modern in design and offer a powerful yet simple cooking experience. Some of the highlights from Cookology’s range include the 5-burner black glass hob with multiple cooking zones. It can accommodate almost any setup with its mixture between single, double and oval-shaped zones that make it possible to cook with any pan.

One of the most innovative features that will be a blessing when you’re cooking is the ‘pause while cooking’ button that comes with some of our ceramic hobs, which is ideal for the tricky situation when a knock at the door or unexpected phone call disrupts your cooking times. It’s the type of customer-driven technology that Cookology offers and consistently builds upon with every new product it launches. Take a look through our ceramic hob collection, and you are bound to find the kitchen hob you’ve been searching high and low for at the affordable price you want.

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