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Table Top Range

Find yourself struggling to move in your small kitchen space due to those darn cumbersome kitchen appliances? Do you wish you could be more practical with your small kitchen space? Then a table top range could be just what you need. From keeping all of your chilled foods in a handy-to-reach tabletop fridge to a convenient meal clean up with a small yet mighty table top dishwasher, a small kitchen may never impact your cooking experience again.

The tabletop range at Cookology caters for the small kitchen heroes and extra storage hunters alike! Whether space in your kitchen is tight or you just need some additional appliances that won’t take up too much room, browse our collection of table top dishwashers, table top tumble dryers and minifridges today.


Sadly, in today’s modern city living, not many homes or apartments can accommodate the new kitchen essentials that make cooking, cleaning and storage so much easier. With a Cookology table top dishwasher, you get a space-saving kitchen solution that is compact enough to sit on a kitchen countertop and powerful enough to make light work of your post-culinary messes.


For those searching for a secret little space to store your midnight snacks or in need of extra storage to keep your chilled treats, a Cookology tabletop fridge offers a compact yet stylish solution that keeps your food and beverages fresh without taking up too much room.


With so many table top kitchen appliances to choose from, it can seem like there isn’t much left for you to discover. However, prepare to be blown away by Cookology’s compact table top tumble dryer range. A rather unusual yet incredibly practical solution for those without the space for a separate tumble dryer nor the budget for a washer/dryer combo, a table top tumble dryer is the answer. Powerful yet compact, these 2.5KG machines are portable and are great for smaller spaces.


Each and every mini model in the Cookology table top range is ideal for sitting on your worktop, keeping food and drinks just the right temperature and laundry fresh. Tackle your smaller spaces with the tabletop range.

Create your own custom product bundles

Cookology products are designed to look amazing together. You can build your personalised bundle by adding a product from each category and getting a discount on the whole lot.

Bestselling Table Top Range

  • MFR45SS

    Cookology 45L Mini Table Top Fridge – Stainless Steel


    Cookology 2 Place Mini Table Top Dishwasher with Solid Door – White

  • CMVD25WH

    Cookology 2.5kg Mini Tumble Dryer – White


    Cookology 93L Retro Mini Fridge with Chiller Box – Black


    Cookology 2 Place Mini Table Top Dishwasher – Orange

  • CMVD25SL

    Cookology 2.5kg Mini Tumble Dryer – Silver


    Cookology 93L Retro Mini Fridge with Chiller Box – White


    Cookology 6 Place Table Top Dishwasher – White


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