Chest Freezers

Looking for a spacious garage freezer? Need extra food storage space for those big family get-togethers? It sounds like you need a chest freezer. Affordable to buy and run, these tried and tested appliances can accommodate enough food to feed a family several times over! With up to 198 litres of internal storage space on offer, Cookology chest freezers are hard to beat when it comes to sheer value for money.

About Our Chest Freezer Range

Our chest freezer range kicks off with a 99 litre model. Like all of our other freezers, this compact appliance is available in black or white and comes with a handy chill function. This allows it to serve as a fridge or a freezer when required: simply switch between the two modes as and when you need. 

Looking for a large chest freezer? We’ve got you covered. Our range includes both 142 and 198 litre models, allowing you to easily find an appliance that meets your needs. Our larger chest freezers come with a removable food basket, allowing you to organise your food more easily. Plus, their recessed rear hinges allow the appliance to be placed closer to the wall, helping you maximise the space available in your kitchen, garage or shed. 

Why Choose a Chest Freezer?

There are a whole host of reasons why families continue to return to the iconic chest design. One of these reasons is value: no other style of freezer offers as much storage space for as little money. And with a chest freezer, the savings will continue long after your initial purchase: because they’re so well insulated, they use less energy to keep your food frozen, saving you money on your energy bills. 

Chest freezers don’t come with a self-defrosting system but, because of this, they’re able to maintain a more uniform internal temperature than other designs. They also experience less internal air circulation, reducing the risk of freezer burn dramatically. Experience these benefits for yourself and order your Cookology chest freezer online today. 

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