Our downdraft cooker hoods are the ultimate luxury kitchen hygiene experience, integrating into the hob or kitchen island area as a clandestine vertical unit that rises to reveal a quietly-powerful downdraft extractor. Rid your kitchen of lingering smells and cooking steam in style, restoring the air quality and avoiding long-term wall damage. Browse our range of Cookology downdraft cooker hoods today for a more stylish and discreet way of keeping your kitchen fresh.


Downdraft extractors are perfect for a discreet look and for anyone who wants to save on space. Removing cooking odours, steam and smoke from your hob without a bulky overhead extractor, Cookology’s downdraft extractors sit behind your hob and rise out of your worktop when needed. Operating is a breeze thanks to our tactile touch control system that allows you to change the fan intensity and brightness of the LED lights with ease


Cookology has multiple downdraft cooker hood sizes so that no matter what size of kitchen hob you have, you’ll be able to install a downdraft extractor that fits seamlessly. The space you’ll save with one of our units will make a huge difference, especially if you have an island kitchen or desire a minimalist, tucked-away appearance when it comes to your interior design.


Get one of our exceptional units delivered straight to your door for no extra cost, thanks to Cookology’s free signed-for delivery service on all large kitchen appliances. Simply arrange a date between 5-7 working days after your order, and you’ll be able to get your hands on one of our best-selling downdraft cooker hoods. Upgrade your kitchen space today.

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