Freestanding Cookers

Find the perfect slimline cooking solution at Cookology, the UK’s most trusted white and kitchen appliance outlet. Our freestanding cookers offer the perfect combination of functionality, convenience, and space-saving design, meaning you’ve got an all-encompassing solution to slot into your house or apartment kitchen space efficiently.

Cookology’s freestanding hob and oven sets are carefully crafted with the latest technology and modern design to enhance your culinary experience. Each model features a powerful 4-burner hob in either solid plate or ceramic, allowing you to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. Paired with a double oven unit that does everything from fan oven to grill, and you have a compact cooker that doesn’t compromise on capabilities.

The oven component of our freestanding cookers offers a generous capacity, providing ample space for baking, roasting, and grilling as well as a large viewing window to keep an eye on it all. Equipped with precise rotary temperature control, you can achieve perfect results every time. From delicate pastries to succulent roasts, our ovens ensure that your culinary creations are cooked to perfection.

One of our popular models is the retro double oven, which is ideal for those looking for a more traditional look that turns back the clock. With a placating cream colour and bevelled doors, this will make your kitchen look and feel like Fanny Cradock’s, in the best way!

At Cookology, we offer free arranged delivery on all large appliances including our freestanding hob and oven range, so you can have your new cooker within 7 days of your order.

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