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Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected a few of the most commonly asked questions, which will hopefully save you some time. If you'd still like to speak to our staff you are welcome to give us a call, drop us an email, or chat to us through our instant messaging service.


  • How long is the guarantee and how do we report a fault?

    Our Cookology appliances all come with a one-year guarantee which is agreed upon and managed directly with us. We recommend registering the product and serial number with us on our website at the time of purchase.

    We hope you don’t, but if you do have any faults with the item, we recommend contacting the Cookology team via email so we can resolve this as quickly and efficiently as possible for you.

  • What size cooker hood do I need for a range cooker?

    Regardless of the type of cooker, the basic rules still apply – for a cooker hood to be efficient it needs to be the same size as your hob.

  • Should I choose a built-in microwave?

    A built-in microwave is a great option if you have limited space on your worktop. They can also add to the general look and feel of your kitchen. A free-standing microwave is just as effective though and the choice is all about the look that you are trying to achieve.

  • What does the energy efficiency rating mean?

    Electric ovens will come with an energy efficiency rating from A-G. An A rating means that the oven is extremely efficient while a G points towards poor efficiency.

  • Can I put my fridge freezer in my garage?

    Only if you have heating so that the temperature doesn’t drop below 10 degrees. If you are struggling for space in your kitchen, it could be worth looking at under-counter models.

  • Which oven is best for baking?

    Conventional ovens provide the right type of heat for cookies and delicate bakes, however often a fan assisted oven is the best option because of the flexibility that they provide.

  • Does my CTTD dishwasher need to be plumbed to hot water?

    In short, No. You can connect the cold-water supply hose to a threaded 3/4(inch) connector.

    Most Cookology tabletop dishwashers in the UK are supplied with a cold fill hose and with instructions to connect it up to the cold-water supply. The dishwasher connects like any other plumbed dishwasher, but can also be fitted to a kitchen tap, as long as you can connect the standard water hose (with most taps you can simply unscrew the aerator) and connect a suitable adaptor such as 3/4″ x 1/2″ bush or 22mm x 3/4″ coupler (depending on your tap and if and what aerator it has.

  • Can the Cookology UCIF93WH Under Counter Fridge model be used as an undercounter fridge freezer unit?

    This Cookology fridge model features a ‘chiller box’, not a freezer compartment.

    This means the chiller box holds a slightly colder internal temperature to the fridge section itself and is mainly used to store fresh fruit and vegetables. It would not reach a cold enough temperature to store frozen food. It is important to remember this for safe food storage and kitchen planning.

  • How can I be sure I am getting the right fridge for me?

    Sometimes a quick look at some online reviews can help you make that final decision. Once you have narrowed down the hob we stock fitting your requirements, it is always a good idea to check out some reviews, you may discover something you did not know.

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