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Table Top Appliances

Cookology’s range of table top appliances caters for those looking to free up space in their kitchen without compromising on functionality and performance. Keeping your home running smoothly, every aspect of our table top kitchen appliance range is designed to save on space and energy, while still giving you a reliable and sophisticated machine.

Having a set of bulky appliances clogging up the kitchen can be quite cumbersome, and you may find that it takes a long time to fill up your dishwasher or tumble dryer. A table top kitchen appliance may be the practical solution for you.

The compact size of this range is what makes it work for so many people and situations. For students, it’s a handy way to refrigerate, clean, cook and dry without impacting on space or budget. For first-time buyers who may need a simpler appliance for cleaning their dishes or drying their clothes, our table top appliances are just what you need. Or for those who just want to downsize their living space, a table top kitchen appliance is a space and energy efficient way of handling your household jobs.

Our table top dishwashers are a space-saving solution that makes meal cleanups convenient. Modern city living may make it difficult to have a full-size dishwasher, but this appliance is compact enough to sit on a kitchen countertop and powerful enough to make light work of your post-culinary messes.

Imagine keeping all of your chilled foods in a handy-to-reach table top fridge from Cookology. If you’re searching for a secret little space to store your midnight snacks, chilled treats or refreshing drinks, a Cookology tabletop fridge is a stylish alternative that keeps your food and beverages fresh without taking up too much room.

Prepare to be blown away by Cookology’s compact table top tumble dryer range, an incredibly practical piece of tech for those without the space for a separate tumble dryer nor the budget for a washer/dryer combo.

Fit up to 44L in our table top mini ovens that feature a stunning frameless design and combine a microwave oven on certain models, to have all your cooking power in one convenient place.

At Cookology, every order of a large appliance comes with free arranged UK delivery within 5-7 days, so you don’t have to pay a penny extra to get it shipped straight to your door. Small appliance orders come with free next-day delivery, too. It’s one of the many reasons why Cookology is one of the UK’s most trusted white appliance suppliers online, and why our table top kitchen appliances are becoming a staple in kitchens across the country. Order yours today and reimagine your cooking experience.

Create your own custom product bundles

Cookology products are designed to look amazing together. You can build your personalised bundle by adding a product from each category and getting a discount on the whole lot.

Bestselling Table Top Appliances


    Cookology 93L Retro Mini Fridge with Chiller Box – Black


    Cookology 2 Place Mini Table Top Dishwasher – Orange

  • MFZ32WH

    Cookology Mini Table Top Freezer – White

  • CMVD25SL

    Cookology 2.5kg Mini Tumble Dryer – Silver


    Cookology 93L Retro Mini Fridge with Chiller Box – White


    Cookology 6 Place Table Top Dishwasher – White

  • MFZ32SL

    Cookology Mini Table Top Freezer – Silver


    Cookology 25L Integrated Combination Microwave with Convection Oven & Grill – Black


Order with confidence

Many Cookology appliances are “Top Rated” and “Most Popular” on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and the Cookology range includes Oven, Hobs, Cooker Hoods as well as Freestanding and Built-in Refrigeration, Dishwashers & Microwaves.

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