Tabletop Fridges

If you’re limited on kitchen floor space, or you’re looking to keep food and beverages cool without taking up space in your fridge freezer, a tabletop fridge is the perfect solution. Designed to sit on countertops and tables, mini fridges are the perfect addition to any room from a small kitchen to a home cinema. This type of fridge features a surprisingly large capacity for its compact size and is ideal for cooling anything from beer to bacon.


There are two distinct types of mini fridge, compressor fridges and thermoelectric fridges. Compressor fridges are designed for cooling perishable foods such as vegetables, meats and dairy. These tabletop fridges reliably maintain a low temperature but do require more power and can generate more noise than their counterpart – something to think about if you’ll be sleeping near your mini fridge. A thermoelectric fridge operates using something called the Peltier effect, this uses less energy and generates very little noise but is only suitable for cooling drinks or nonperishable foods. These fridges are normally called beer fridges or wine coolers.


The Cookology mini fridge range features both wine coolers and beer fridges and compressor fridges, giving you complete control over your refrigeration needs, no matter your space limitations. Those with smaller kitchen spaces can take advantage of the compact and efficient nature of tabletop compressor fridges, while others can add a stylish touch to their home bar or games room with a hotel minibar in the comfort of their own home.


Cookology’s tabletop fridges are perfect for spaces where a full-sized fridge isn’t an option. Whether you need some extra space for storing drinks when hosting, or somewhere to store food at the office, mini-fridges provide the flexibility needed to have fresh, chilled food or drinks always on hand.

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