Dual Zone

The Cookology range of dual-zone air fryers, also known as double air fryers, makes cooking twice as easy, literally. Ever wish that you had two ovens in one to cook separate foods at different temperatures at the same time? Our dual zone air fryers make this dream come true with two drawers that have individual heat settings, all controlled with one LCD console.

A large air fryer that holds up to 8L, this machine is perfect for whipping up a warm lunch or single dinner. With two individual non-stick cooking baskets to use, it’s possible to fry some chips in one compartment and roast vegetables in the other. For roast dinners where you need all the cooking space you can get your hands on, this is a versatile tool that will help out greatly.

Plus, these air fryers will look superb in a modern kitchen setup with their clean, shapely design. The rounded edges and brushed stainless steel and sleek outer coating adds an extra piece of sophistication to your cooking area, and its compact size means it can always be displayed on a tabletop.

Cookology is one of the UK’s most trusted white appliance suppliers online, and our air fryer ovens are becoming a staple in kitchens across the country. Order one today and get free UK delivery that can be arranged within 5-7 days, so you don’t have to pay a single penny extra to get it straight to your doorstep. Order yours today and reimagine your cooking experience.

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