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Wine & Beverage Coolers

Unlock the potential of a Cookology wine and beverage cooler, which stores and chills your favourite beverages to perfection, ensuring a premium experience every time you reach for a drink. Keeping soft drinks, wine and beer cooler for longer, every aspect of our fridges oozes sophistication, from its minimalist style that blends with any kitchen to its array of functional capabilities.

Available in black, white and stainless steel finishes and sizes up to 98L, these Cookology wine fridges have several shapes and designs to fit seamlessly under your counter, squeeze into a narrow gap or simply sit on a table top. Whether you have space to spare or need to use it efficiently, Cookology’s range is guaranteed to give you an option to be able to store your favourite beverages.

Cookology Wine & Beverage Coolers are not only entrancing by their looks, but are also incredibly practical and user-friendly. The adjustable shelves make it easy to store multiple bottles of different sizes, while the LED lighting illuminates the interior, making it easy to see what you have on hand. Plus, the built-in fan ensures that the temperature remains consistent. With noise levels kept to a whisper-quiet 39db, you won’t have to worry about disrupting your guests either.

If you’re looking for a wine and beer cooler that’s stylish, practical, and functional, look no further than Cookology Wine & Beverage Coolers. These coolers are the perfect addition to any home bar or entertainment area and will give you the peace of mind that your drinks are always at their best. Better still, all orders on Cookology large appliances come with free arranged delivery within 5-7 days, so you can have it shipped to your home at no extra cost. Invest in a Cookology Wine & Beverage Cooler today and experience the sophistication and convenience that it offers.

Create your own custom product bundles

Cookology products are designed to look amazing together. You can build your personalised bundle by adding a product from each category and getting a discount on the whole lot.

Bestselling Wine & Beverage Coolers

  • CWTE10BK

    Cookology 28L Thermo Electric Wine Cooler – 10 Bottle Capacity – Black

  • CWC34BK

    Cookology 48cm Wine Cooler – 34 Bottles Capacity – Black

  • BC96BK

    Cookology 93L Drinks Fridge – Black

  • CWTE15BK

    Cookology 39L Thermo Electric Wine Cooler – 15 Bottle Capacity – Black

  • CWC300SS

    Cookology 30cm Wine Cooler – 20 Bottle Capacity – Stainless Steel

  • CBC70SS

    Cookology 70L Drinks Fridge – Stainless Steel

  • CWTE18BK

    Cookology 46L Thermo Electric Wine Cooler – 18 Bottle Capacity – Black

  • CWC301BK

    Cookology 30cm Wine Cooler – 20 Bottle Capacity – Black Glass Door


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