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Hobs have become a vital part of the kitchen, allowing you to get creative heating pans and pots. Cookology’s cooking hob range offers a variety of shapes and sizes and all have the looks to give any kitchen an aesthetic boost. Browse through our Cookology induction hob section, and you’ll discover how much benefit it will bring to your cooking.

Making top-quality meals has never been easier thanks to the quality-of-life features we implement, and better yet, they are an affordable addition to the home. Here at Cookology, we want to deliver high-grade hobs for cookers to allow you to eat well, which is why we accommodate a varied list of sizes.

For those who live in a smaller apartment or flat, our 2 Burner Hob is refined with traditional solid plates to easily start heating up your food, and can be brought into your kitchen for a bargain. For those who want to become the best chef they can possibly be and demand the equipment for it, the Cookology 90cm Induction Hob has 5 heating zones, which is ideal for those who are making a roast dinner or a meze for a party, and will be a glistening focal point to your kitchen.

We have all types of cooking hob materials on offer, including ceramic, induction, gas and solid plate, so if you want the Cookology experience in your home but your kitchen demands a specific type, that’s not to worry. A vast majority of cooking today is done on the hob, so why not get the very best out there to maximise heating responsiveness, safety and energy efficiency?

At Cookology, we offer free arranged UK delivery on all our appliances including our cooking hobs, so you won’t get any surprise charges at the checkout, and can receive your brand new appliance within 7 working days of your purchase. Upgrade your kitchen and order a new Cookology cooking hob today!

Create your own custom product bundles

Cookology products are designed to look amazing together. You can build your personalised bundle by adding a product from each category and getting a discount on the whole lot.

Bestselling Hobs

  • CIHDD700

    Cookology 70cm Induction Downdraft Cooktop – Black

  • CIBP600

    Cookology 59cm Plug-In Induction Hob with Bridging Zone – Black

  • GH705SS

    Cookology 70cm 5 Burner Gas Hob & Wok Burner – Stainless Steel

  • CIF600

    Cookology 60cm Induction Hob with Flexi Zone Function – Black

  • SEP300SS

    Cookology 2 Burner Solid Plate Hob – Domino Hob – Stainless Steel

  • CIF900

    Cookology 90cm Dual Ring Flexi Zone Induction Hob – Black

  • CIH602

    Cookology 60cm 4 Zone Built-in Touch Control Induction Hob – Black

  • CIT902

    Cookology 90cm Induction Hob with 5 Burners – Black


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Many Cookology appliances are “Top Rated” and “Most Popular” on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and the Cookology range includes Oven, Hobs, Cooker Hoods as well as Freestanding and Built-in Refrigeration, Dishwashers & Microwaves.

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