Downdraft Extractor Hobs

The Ultimate Luxury Kitchen Hygiene Experience

Cookology downdraft cooker hobs are the perfect solution for anyone who wants a stylish and discreet way to keep their kitchen fresh. Integrated into the hob as a hidden vertical unit, our downdraft extractors rise to reveal a quietly powerful downdraft extractor that will rid your kitchen of lingering smells and cooking steam in style.

Not only are downdraft extractors perfect for a discreet look, but they’re also ideal for anyone who wants to save on space. Removing cooking odours, steam and smoke from your hob without a bulky overhead extractor, Cookology’s downdraft extractors are built into the hob and rise out of your worktop when needed. Operating is a breeze thanks to our tactile touch control system that allows you to change the fan intensity and brightness of the LED lights with ease.


The space you’ll save with one of our units will make a huge difference, especially if you have an island kitchen or desire a minimalist, tucked-away appearance when it comes to your interior design.


Benefits of Cookology Downdraft Cooker Hoods


Discreet and stylish: Cookology downdraft hobs are designed to blend in seamlessly with your kitchen décor, rising out of your worktop when needed and then disappearing out of sight when not in use.


Space-saving: Cookology downdraft hobs eliminate the need for a bulky overhead extractor, freeing up space in your kitchen and making it feel more spacious and airy.


Powerful extraction: Cookology downdraft hobs are equipped with powerful motors that quickly and efficiently remove cooking odours, steam and smoke from your kitchen, leaving the air fresh and clean.


Easy to use: Cookology downdraft hobs are easy to operate with our tactile touch control system, allowing you to change the fan intensity and brightness of the LED lights with ease.


Upgrade Your Kitchen Space Today with a Cookology Downdraft Cooker Hob

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