Built Under Ovens

Cookology’s built-under ovens are designed to be installed under island units and kitchen counters for a modern, minimalist, seamless look in your kitchen. If you’re fitting a brand-new kitchen and at the top of your wishlist is a streamlined finish, we’ve got an array of options for cooking appliances and kitchen bundles, all of which will slot right into your kitchen units for a snug and stylish fit.

These modern and seamless ovens allow you to cook a variety of delicious dishes as well as add the perfect finishing touch to your new kitchen. Designed specifically to fit beneath a kitchen counter, built-under single or double ovens represent a good choice if you want your oven to be smartly integrated into your kitchen unit.

When it comes to looking at which oven you should choose, there are two main fuel choices: gas ovens or electric ovens. Knowing this will help you filter down your search. The Cookology cooking range each has its own benefits and comes with its own features. Whether you live alone or you have a bustling family household, there is a Cookology built-under oven for you. The Cookology built-under oven collection offers an expansive choice to suit a range of budgets. A built-under oven comes with all of the features you would expect in a built-in oven, but is designed to fit under your kitchen counter to give you high functionality that suits your home.

Cookology products are designed to look amazing together and complete the look of your brand new kitchen. You can build your personalised bundle by adding a product from each category and getting a discount on the whole lot. These can include built-under ovens, a beautiful hob range, additional cooking appliances like a microwave and a modern extractor fan.

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