Double Ovens

Cookology double ovens are perfect for those who have a bit more space to play with. If you’re entertaining or find yourself cooking for a hungry family, oven capacity is all-important. Double ovens usually offer a capacity of 50-to-75 litres for the main oven and the top oven usually brings an extra 35-to-60 litres, and are perfect for growing families or fans of large dinner parties.

It’s not just the size that a double oven brings to the table – a Cookology double oven and top-quality appliance package offers a truly enhanced cooking experience that allows you to prepare multiple components and courses simultaneously.

When you’re looking for a new Cookology oven to complete your brand new kitchen, there are a few things to consider. How colour would work best for your design? Do you need a gas or electric oven? And how big should it be? Luckily, Cookology has ovens and cooking appliances to suit everybody. Whether you simply need a quality oven that does the job or you have your eyes on one of our built in electric oven and hob packages, we have a model that suits you and your kitchen.

Cookology’s modern designs and increased cooking capabilities mean that a double oven can add value to your home as well as reduce cooking time and increase the amount you can cook at once.

Covering a broad range of budgets and requirements, the Cookology cooking collection showcases plenty of stylistic variety, including black and white built-in double ovens, and an array of ingenious features. With these double ovens, you can also use the grill at the same time which means there is far more flexibility. Want to make sure all of your new kitchen appliances match? Why not check out our featured product bundles option, where you can package your appliances together.

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