Freestanding Freezers

Upgrade your kitchen with a spacious, stylish freezer and browse our wide array of freestanding freezers at Cookology. Our freestanding models can fit almost anywhere and are perfect for all types of situations and budgets. Offering unrivalled flexibility and energy efficiency, these freezing units will make a world of difference to the possibilities of your kitchen experience.

Cookology freestanding freezers are designed to integrate neatly under kitchen counters and be both energy-efficient and whisper-quiet. With glass shelves and vegetable drawers provided as standard, these top-quality freestanding freezers are great for apartments, holiday homes and self-catered accommodation. We also have tall freestanding freezers for those who require a more robust option for their food freezing needs.

One of our popular models in the range is our black chest freezers which come in a range of sizes up to 200L and keep your food frozen for as little as 8p per day. Cookology has developed new technologies to keep food naturally cool, and we’ve tested that in the event of a power cut, our insulation system keeps food frozen for up to 35 hours. Perfect for Christmas time and family occasions, our white and black chest freezers are a great additional food storage space for when the kitchen fridge is stretched to its limit.

Cookology offers free arranged shipping on all freestanding freezers. Once you order, you can arrange any date between 5-7 working days to have your new freestanding freezer delivered straight to your door. Order yours today and redefine your kitchen experience.

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