2 Burner Ceramic Hobs

If you are renovating your kitchen and searching for something practical, affordable and reliable, a Cookology hob is a perfect solution. Cookology’s line of 2 burner ceramic hobs will quickly heat up pots and pans at a comparatively low cost compared to other modern hob types.

A 2 burner hob is ideal for those living in smaller flats or apartments who don’t need much to get their meals going. There are plenty of options and not many limitations with a dual ceramic hob setup. For example, you could cook some rib-eye steak with healthy dressings such as asparagus, or whip up a jambalaya with all the fixings. Perhaps you would like to cook some Asian food, in which case it takes just two burners to make shredded pork with your own Peking sauce. The possibilities are endless, and often you’ll feel as though you have room to spare!

Each of our ceramic hobs is housed in a sleek and pristine-looking tempered glass finish to lift your kitchen’s wow factor dramatically. It’s not just for looks, though, as the touch controls not only allow for smarter functionality, but keep the surface flat to make cleaning the surface as easy as a quick wipe-down with a cloth and some surface spray. All of this makes it ideal for smaller spaces and family homes alike.

Cookology proudly offers free next-day delivery on all its small items, as well as free arranged delivery on all large items. We aspire to make your purchase as convenient as possible, and our delivery drivers will bring it into your home if you would like the option, and providing that access is not an issue, of course.

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