5 Burner Ceramic Hobs

For those expert home chefs that require a large amount of burner zones, Cookology’s range of 5 burner ceramic hobs are sure to meet even the highest of demands. Whether it is for large family meals, complex dishes that require several pots on the go or if your family is cooking multiple meals at once come dinner time, 5 burner ceramic hobs are the ultimate solution that offers stability and control even when the kitchen is in full use.

5 burner ceramic hobs are ideal for those who want the best of both worlds – a spacious and utilitarian hob unit on a tight budget. Ceramic is a middle ground between an electric hob and a gas or induction, being quicker to heat up than an electric but is considerably more affordable than an induction. In addition, their completely flat surface means that cleaning it is as easy as any other kitchen surface, and look as impressive as an induction hob to boot with its shining glass surface. You can get your hands on a 5 burner ceramic hob for as low as £199.99, and comes with additional controls that range from useful to safety-assuring. A child lock prevent your little ones from any mishaps when they become curious, and the “keep warm” function is a godsend for when you just need to leave your meal at just the right temperature for a couple of minutes.

When you order from the Cookology website, you are entitled to free delivery to your home. If it’s a small item, you can get free next day delivery, while larger items carry a free arranged delivery between 5-7 working days for your convenience. Take a look through our 5 burner ceramic hob range and get the best of both worlds today!

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