Cookology is the ultimate destination for top-quality freestanding BBQs that will take your summer parties to the next level. As the warm weather approaches and you plan to transform your garden into a haven for delicious outdoor feasts, join in with a top-quality freestanding gas BBQ of your very own from Cookology.

Our freestanding gas BBQs are designed to provide convenience and efficiency, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying the company of your loved ones while sizzling up mouthwatering dishes. With their 3-burner grill and precision heat controls, Cookology’s specialised models give you the power to achieve culinary perfection with ease.

At Cookology, we know that families are at the heart of the most memorable summer parties, so we design our BBQs to allow you to become the master chef of your backyard.
Our freestanding gas BBQs come in two models: the Kentucky, which can reach 260°C in just five minutes, and the Tennessee with its high-power side burner for frying and simmering.

Beyond their functionality, our freestanding BBQs are also aesthetically pleasing and will add sophistication to your outdoor space. Their sleek designs and durable construction make them the perfect choice for those seeking to get a BBQ that matches a modern patio set or fireplace. Create a cosy corner dedicated to grilling delights and watch as your guests flock to enjoy the enticing aromas and delicious meals.

Best of all, at Cookology, we believe in showing the total price upfront without adding nasty surprises at the checkout. We offer free arranged delivery on all large appliances including our freestanding gas BBQ range, so fire up the grill and get a new centrepiece for your summer celebrations within 7 working days of your order.

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