Stainless Steel

If you want to grace your kitchen with the designer look and wear resistance of stainless steel, Cookology has high-quality steel kitchen appliances to have your entire space covered in it. Sleek, modern and neo-industrial, products such as our stainless steel microwaves are best-sellers for their ability to look good in any kitchen area while also lasting a lifetime.

Our lineup of stainless steel interior microwaves comes in both integrated and freestanding varieties and features incredible functionality in a minimalistic design. With an all-new remodel for 2023, the top-of-the-range 25L integrated stainless steel microwave is one of Cookology’s finest pieces of ingenuity for accommodating a 31.5cm turntable inside a 59.5cm microwave, meaning you can heat large meals quickly without taking up precious kitchen space.

Elsewhere, our stainless steel sinks are rust and corrosion-resistant while being able to come out of any task scrubbing up as sparkling as the day you bought it. It’s a classic look that works with almost any style and would look even better across from a stainless steel fridge from Cookology, which can store up to a colossal 235L.

Whichever steel-coated appliance you choose to bless your kitchen with, Cookology will ship it to you at no extra cost with our free arranged UK delivery service. Plus, the more items you order, the more discounts you receive on each item thanks to our personalised product bundling offer, so you can enhance your kitchen with a row of shining stainless steel appliances and save money doing so. Upgrade your kitchen to a masterful stainless steel cooking utopia with Cookology.

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