Warming Drawers

Gone are the days of a single, white oven with raised burners and uneven heat distribution. Not only has technology evolved to truly transform your cooking experience in each and every home, but your kitchen can now include loads of handy features that improve the taste and presentation of your meals. One of these modern features is warming drawers!

A relatively new addition to the modern kitchen, the warming drawer is perfect for anyone who loves to cook. Cookology warming drawers make a dynamic addition to any kitchen, giving you more capabilities for your cooking. Modern, easy to clean and versatile, warming drawers are used by home bakers and proficient chefs alike. From warming up your proving dough to keeping meals warm during multiple courses, warming drawers are a great addition to your kitchen.

Cookology offers a range of cooking packages and appliance packages that can help you bundle your purchases together for your new kitchen. Adding plate warming drawers will not only allow you to preheat cups and plates but add a modern splash to your new kitchen. With a push-pull mechanism for easy opening and closing, our warming drawers are built for convenience and ease of use.

Cookology appliance packages offer you the convenience of matching your new kitchen appliances together and ensuring they all work with the aesthetics of your kitchen. From ovens, hobs and extractor fans to warming drawers and microwaves, we can supply your kitchen with an arsenal of high-quality cooking appliances.

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