50cm Cooker Hoods

For those who have a tight kitchen space, you still deserve to be able to use an extractor fan, which is why Cookology’s 50cm cooker hoods offer a premium cooking experience that matches the rest of our range. Even in a small area with a hob that measures 50cm or less, our cooker hoods effortlessly remove any unwanted smells or stuffy air that is lingering after a cooking session in the kitchen. Long-term, it also prevents the ruining of your kitchen walls as a result of condensation not being able to escape.

Our range of 50cm extractor hoods is scattered with multiple styles and colours to suit your needs and aesthetics. Whether you need an island extractor fan to be a fitting centrepiece, or an advanced model that recirculates the air back into the kitchen, you’re sure to find the perfect Cookology cooker hood for you. Our lineup ranges from classic linear fans to ultra-sleek and futuristic curved glass cooker hoods that add glamour to your cooking space. We know the importance of design at Cookology, which is why we’ve worked to cover every base.

On the logistical side of the order, all small items purchased from the Cookology website are available with free next-day delivery to your home, and we also provide free arranged delivery for all large items within 5-7 working days. So you can shop with confidence that you are able to get to using a quality Cookology extractor hood quickly and conveniently. Browse through our 50cm cooker hood range and order yours today!

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