2 Burner Gas Hobs

Cookology’s 2 burner gas hobs are the perfect balance between affordability and quality for anyone living in a small living space such as an apartment, flat or studio space. They offer a modern, space-efficient design that makes zero compromise on cooking power, allowing you to cook meals quickly and without burning through the energy bill.

Our lineup of 2 burner hobs includes a variety of colours and functions. Try our black gas hob for a striking look that will work in almost any kitchen space, either as a standout noir centrepiece or an incognito addition that stays hidden. The Cookology 2 burner gas hobs all measure a width of 30cm, so if you have measured out the hob space you need to replace and it matches, this collection is ideal for you. With a gas hob, you will benefit from instant heat that is controlled on multiple levels and is evenly distributed. Cooking has never been such a breeze (nor has it looked so good!)

Be sure to appreciate the cast iron supports that help to keep pans and pots snugly in the centre of the heater without danger of falling and spilling. Don’t worry about these getting in the way when it’s time to clean up, however, as they are easily removable to allow you access to the glass surface underneath for a speedy clean. Innovations and additions like these are why Cookology’s 2 burner hobs are so highly-rated among its users, so why not experience the joys of cooking with a Cookology hob yourself and buy one today?

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