Gas on Glass Hobs

Do you want the benefits and good looks of a glass hob without paying its premium? Cookology provides a wide variety of gas on glass hobs to give you the perfect solution to your kitchen cooking needs. Not only do they look fantastic on the countertop, but are an ease to clean and produce an instant, evenly distributed and controllable heat. Time to add some stylish sophistication to your kitchen and browse the Cookology hob lineup to upgrade your kitchen today!

Our range of gas on glass hobs includes an aesthetically-pleasing 60cm gas on glass 4 burner hob whose minimalist design gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. Meanwhile, many people are looking to use one big wok to cook all their meals in rather than boiling multiple foods in separate pots and pans. In which case, we offer a single wok burner module with cast iron pan supports to keep it balanced when cooking.

If you desire the full gas-on-glass hob experience, consider the Cookology GGH755BK 5 burner. Not only does it pack generous space for 5 burners, but also includes a wok burner that acts as the centrepiece to your hob and, by extension, your kitchen. It offers functionality and mystique in one big package, and it’s available to buy for a bargain price of £159.99.

When you order a Cookology hob, you are entitled to free delivery to your home. As soon as you place the order, our courier team will contact you to arrange a date for the delivery that suits you.

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