Gas on Steel Hobs

For those who desire a metallic, industrial aesthetic in their kitchen, Cookology’s range of stainless steel gas hobs are the perfect fit and will enhance the look and feel of your cooking area greatly. Our gas on steel hobs come complete with enamel supports to help to keep pans and pots snugly in the centre of the heater without danger of falling and spilling. Better still, they are easily removable to allow you access to the glass surface underneath for a speedy clean. Innovations and additions like these are why Cookology’s gas on steel hobs are so highly-rated among its users. Browse our collection of stainless steel gas hobs today.

Our selection of gas on steel hobs ranges from 30cm 2 burner hobs that are suited to small apartments and studio spaces, all the way to 90cm mega-hobs that have 5 burners and is available with a wok burner that is crafted intentionally to maximise the cooking potential with a wok. These models look space-age in a modern kitchen with their brushed stainless steel, and come in a range of layouts to ensure that you can get the hob that matches your cooking preferences perfectly.

A vast majority of cooking today is done on the hob, so why not get the very best out there in terms of heating responsiveness, safety and cooking power? There’s no better place than Cookology’s online store to get your next stainless steel gas hob, which is highly energy efficient and affordable upfront so that you can get to cooking without forking out a fortune.

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