Running out of space in your main fridge to keep your favourite food and drinks cool? Cookology has a great selection of quiet, discreet mini fridges that can be hidden away to store snacks and drinks ready for parties, get-togethers, and even trips away. You’ll always find a purpose for a Cookology mini fridge, and depend on it for its incredible energy efficiency and hushed noise output.


Portable & Convenient


Our mini fridges are perfect for portability. If you’re on holiday in a caravan, you can stow it away and have it ready to crack open a cold one with family and friends no matter how far away from the house you are.


Or, you could keep it in a space in the house to free up space in the main fridge and still have food and beverages for guests, so you never have to worry about running out of drinks and ending the fun early.


Popular Choices


A favourite amongst the Cookology community is our 42L mini fridge, ideal for apartment sharers and young students heading off to university, with a chiller compartment and a lock to protect against sneaky flatmates.


Maybe you just want a small drinks fridge that tailors just to cans and bottles you can have within easy reach? The Cookology 43L mini drinks fridge can store up to 40 330ml cans and is housed in a sleek black design, while our 14-bottle capacity wine cooler holds enough for even the most rigorous of wine-tasting sessions.


Premium Range


If you want the best of the best, we have something for you. Our Cookology 67L small fridges that function as a replacement or downsized version of a regular fridge, so there is no compromise of space for an abundance of food and drink. This 67L minifridge is perfect if you are in and out of living spaces and want to take it with you, or have an office or B&B hotel and want to include an extra for visitors, all in a clean, minimalistic style.


Committed to Excellence


No matter which Cookology mini fridge suits your lifestyle, you can enjoy free UK shipping on every appliance we sell. As the UK’s number one destination for quality kitchen appliances, we believe that our customers should be rewarded with first-class customer service with every order. This is why we offer free arranged UK delivery on all large appliances, as well as free next-day delivery on small appliances. It’s why our mini fridges are becoming a popular fixture in homes across the country. Order yours today and be prepared for those special occasions.

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