Table Top Tumble Dryers

Imagine if you could have the convenience of a tumble dryer without taking the immense space under the counter that it requires. Cookology has not just one but a range of tabletop tumble dryers to make this a reality. These mini tumble dyers will fit on your counter top or even mount on a wall and can dry up to 2.5kg with a variety of programmes and settings to choose from. Ideal for compact kitchens, rental accommodation and caravans, our counter top tumble dryers prove you can dry effectively without sacrificing quality or space.

The UK’s weather can be temperamental, with rain coming at unexpected times to soak your washing line. Rather than having to rush bringing your damp washing in, a mini tumble dryer is a godsend that can fix the problem without any bother.

Cookology’s 2.5kg tumble dryers come in three colour options: silver, black and white. Each compliment a modern kitchen design gorgeously, but we’ve made sure this is the only thing you’ll have to decide between, as every model comes with a ducting pipe and wall brackets included. To give you a wide amount of choices, our mini tumble dryers come with a large selection of five programmes, including cool, anti-wrinkle, warm, hot and air dry.

Order from Cookology today to receive your mini tumble dryer with free arranged UK delivery. Once you order, we will contact you to book a delivery day between 5-7 working days, so that you can get to drying your clothes or other fabrics in a matter of minutes.

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