Under Counter Beverage Coolers

Under-counter beverage coolers keep your favourite drinks at the perfect temperature while sitting conveniently under your bar or kitchen counter for a discreet and stylish look. Our under-counter drinks cooler fridge models are perfect for additional space in the kitchen or the office. Use the cooler for cans, bottles or as a beer fridge, and impress guests with their whisper-quiet sound.

Crafted with a stainless steel interior for easy cleaning and durability, the design of Cookology’s under-counter wine and beverage coolers ensures they will last for years to come, and at a pittance thanks to its double-paned glass door that protects from UV rays and outside heat. Couple this with adjustable temperature control, you can ensure that your beverages are always at the perfect drinking temperature.

Having beverage and wine fridges under counter makes for great space-saving. These coolers are designed to fit snugly under your counter so you don’t have to sacrifice valuable counter space. Something else you won’t need to sacrifice is style, as our sleek, minimalist design will complement your kitchen decor as long as its mechanics will last.

Cookology offers free arranged UK delivery on any products from our under-counter wine and beverage coolers. As soon as you order, you’ll be contacted to arrange a shipping date between 5-7 days after your purchase, so you can have a brand new beverage cooler to impress guests in next to no time. Browse our collection today and enhance your beverage storage capabilities.

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