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Refrigerated beverage coolers are a sought-after option for keeping your wine, beer and soft drinks exactly how you like them. Cookology’s range of wine and beer coolers come with a powerful operation and various capacity options, and they are perfect for those with a large drinks collection and who want to keep it at a refreshing temperature. Keeping drinks chill also increases the longevity of your drinks.

Enhance your flexibility in the kitchen and give your fridge some space with a brand-new Cookology wine and beer fridge. Our beverage cooler collection ranges from 48L capacities all the way to 115L, but no matter what size you opt for, you won’t be able to hear them thanks to their ultra-quiet design that emits just 39db of noise.

The way you’ll notice your Cookology beverage cooler is its minimalistic style which can boldly stand in almost any kitchen layout thanks to our range of colours. Plus, our selection of dual-zone wine coolers means you can seamlessly place multiple types of drinks in one refrigerator.

Cookology is the UK’s most trusted seller of kitchen appliances at affordable prices, and ordering today grants you access to a range of cooking packages and appliance packages that can help you bundle your purchases together for your new kitchen. Best of all, we provide free UK shipping on all large appliances between 5-7 working days. You can arrange to have your brand-new wine and beer cooler delivered to your door for no extra cost. Browse our collection today and refresh your kitchen.

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