Cookology 72L Built-In Electric Oven & 25L Microwave Pack – Black

Model: TOF650SS TCM25BGL

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Key Features

  • Developed by Cookology, this built-in Electric Oven and Microwave Oven with grill, combines sleek looks, quality finish and great value
  • The oven is one of Cookology's premium designs to fit either under your kitchen counter or at eye level and boasts multifunction cooking and elegant touch controls
  • The Microwave has an impressive 25 litre capacity and 900W of power
  • The Microwave Oven boasts 5 power menus and 8 auto menus with a large 315mm glass turntable

Cookology TOF650SS Multifunction Built-in Oven

This is one of Cookology’s Premium Ovens, combining the quality and value you expect with Cookology, with High-end, Premium features. The TOF650SS features both knobs and touch controls. This means you don’t have any buttons for grime to hide and you get elegant, ergonomic touch controls to add a touch of class and sophistication to your kitchen alongside a knob to quickly adjust the temperature and another to scroll through the different functions. The next thing you’ll notice is the size. You get an amazing, turkey ready 72 litre capacity thanks to clever engineering, which is amazing because it still fits a standard oven cavity – you can check out the dimensions by scrolling through the photos. This oven can be installed at eye-level or under your kitchen counter. As a Multifunction Oven, you are given the tools to create more flavoursome, delicious dishes, while the timer will keep you in control. As well as your usual functions, such as traditional oven heat, convection (fan forced), fan assisted and grilling functions, you get a few special functions such as a Pizza function to stop you getting a soggy bottom. You also get a Dough Proving mode that operates at between 30-45C providing the ultimate conditions for proving bread or even culturing yogurts. A couple of other special features include a Quick Preheat Button – rapidly getting the oven temperature up to speed. The Cooling Fan prevents over heating even after the oven has finished cooking and will keep going until the oven is a safe temperature, making it much safer than older ovens. The door is removable to make cleaning easier.


  • Fully Programmable Timer with Digital Clock
  • Oven Type: Multifunction Oven
  • Max Temperature: 250°C
  • Oven Light x 1
  • Energy source: Electric Oven
  • Finish: Glass & Stainless Steel
  • Installation: Built-in or Built-under
  • Controls: Touch Controls with Dials
  • Connection: 13AMP (this means you can attach a standard UK plug)


  1. Conventional: 30-250C, For traditional baking and roasting on one level. Especially suitable for cakes with moist toppings.
  2. Convection: 50-250C, For baking and roasting on one or more levels. Heat comes from the ring heater surrounding the fan evenly.
  3. Eco: 140-240C, For energy-saving cooking.
  4. Conventional + Fan: 50-250C, For baking and roasting on one or more levels. The fan distributes the heat from the heating elements evenly around the cavity.
  5. Radiant Heat: 150-250C, For grilling small amounts of food and for browning food. Please put the food in the centre part under the grill heating element.
  6. Double Grill + Fan: 50-250C, For grilling flat items and for browning food. The fan distributes the heat evenly around the cavity.
  7. Dough Proving: 30-45C, For making yeast dough and sourdough to prove and culturing yogurt.
  8. Bottom Heat 30-220C, For add extra browning to the bases of pizzas, pies, and pastries. Heating come from the bottom heater.
  9. Defrost: For gently defrosting frozen food.
  10. Double Grill: 150-250C, For grilling flat items and for browning food.
  11. Pizza: 50-250C, For pizza and dishes which need a lot of heat from underneath. The bottom heater and ring heater will work.
  • 1 x CGR01 Wire Shelf
  • 1 x CTY01 Enamel Shelf
  • Additional Shelves available to purchase: CGR01 Wire Shelf & CTY01 Enamel Shelf
  • Removable Oven Door
  • Easy Clean Enamel
Technical details:
  • CE CERTIFIED and Energy Rating A+
  • 13 AMP
  • Power Cable: 100cm
  • 0.69kWh/cycle / 1.06kWh/cycle
  • Electrical power: 2.9kW
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V (standard UK Voltage) / Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Capacity – 72 Litres
Dimensions (see technical drawing under photos):
  • Product Dimensions – Height: 596mm / Width: 595mm / Depth: 546mm
  • Cavity Dimensions –  – Cavity Width: 560mm – Cavity Height: 600mm -Cavity Depth: min 550mm

Cookology TCM25BGL 25L Built-In Microwave Oven With Grill, 900W

This built-in microwave oven and grill has a luxury black glass finish and gets integrated into your kitchen by building it into a cabinet. Built-in appliances look great and can add value to your kitchen. They also reduce clutter and free up valuable space on your countertop. The TCM25BGL is a Microwave with a Grill that you can use either solely as a Microwave, as a Grill or you can use the programmes and functions to use a combination of both so that food cooks quickly with the Microwave but has an authentic texture and flavour thanks to the grill. The huge 25L capacity with a 31.5cm turntable means there is plenty of space for big plates, saving time and hassle and making it perfect for larger families. As well as having 5 power levels, this microwave oven boasts 8 auto menus and has the option to defrost by both weight and time. This Microwave Comes with everything you need for easy Installation into a Kitchen Cavity / Cupboard. It also comes ready with a 3-Pin British Plug and is CE Certified.


  • Defrost By Weight / Defrost By Time
  • LCD Display
  • 5 Power Levels / 8 Auto Menus
  • Cooking End Signal
  • 900W Microwave Power / 1000W Grill Power


  • 355mm Glass Turntable
  • 25 Litre Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Frameless Design With Full Glass


  • Product Dimensions – Width: 594mm / Depth: 403mm / Height: 382mm
  • Cavity Dimensions, see technical drawing – Height: 380mm +2 / Minimum Depth: 550mm

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Cookology 72L Built-In Electric Oven & 25L Microwave Pack – Black
  • £509.99

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