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    If you’re still trying to think up Christmas presents for your other half or close family then we’ve saved your bacon with this blog. Especially when it comes to cooking and other kitchen activities. That’s because the following is a list of great – and trending – kitchen items that are ideal for opening up on Christmas morning:

    1. Mini Oven. Cute, space-saving and incredibly efficient, the mini electric oven is the perfect ‘must-have’ for anyone who’s just moved in to a small studio apartment, garden room or flat with a tiny kitchen. They may even thank you with a home-cooked meal…
    2. Drinks Fridge. A rather trendy and chic cooler fridge, this looks great either tucked neatly under the worktop, in the man-cave or as a stand-alone appliance. A present for your male other half which he can use to stock up on all those craft beers he keeps going on about.
    3. Wine Cooler. Only want the wine? We hear you. And that’s why we’ve also suggested a slick 20-bottle capacity wine cooler lover boy can buy you. The LED lighting gives this cooler real kitchen kerb appeal
    4. Mini Dishwasher. This one’s a present for you – especially if you don’t have much counter space. The slimline mini table top dishwasher is the answer to your hectic schedule. It’ll even keep you organized, thanks to its magnetic front which works as a memo board.
    5. BBQ for Dad! If he’s been moaning for ages about his current outdoor grill then it’s time to give him an upgrade. And this bad boy is just the ticket. The Kentucky Freestanding BBQ has three burners, a lid and integrated cooling rack. It also looks great.
    6. Any close acquaintance will love the glamour this 20L digital microwave brings to their kitchen. It heats up large portions and even tells you how to defrost particular items. A must-have for any busy family of four, five or six…
    7. Mini Tumble dryer. Yes, you can have both a galley kitchen and a tumble dryer. It’s entirely possible when you sit this dinky 2.5kg mini tumble dryer on the worktop. Your student daughter will LOVE it.
    8. Mini Wine cooler for Mum! Make sure mum doesn’t miss out on her favourite chilled glass of wine with dinner by encouraging her to stock up with this sophisticated mini wine cooler. It looks great and manages to stock up to 14 bottles at a time. Result!
    9. Mini Retro Fridge. One of our own personal favourites, if anyone wants to gift us this 47L mini fridge & chiller box for Dec 25 we certainly won’t be complaining. We’d just better make sure student daughter doesn’t take it back to college with her.
    10. Mini 2 place dishwasher. Know any busy couples who end up piling up dishes at the side of the sink because they don’t have time to wash them? Well, we bet they’ll love you if they find this 2 place mini table top dishwasher under the tree on Christmas morning.

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    We hope the above list has been of some help with your Christmas gift buying plans. There’s lots more to see on our website though. Just pop over to Meanwhile, do have yourself a very Merry Christmas, from the team here at Cookology.

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