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    Depending on how many you’re catering for, prepping your Christmas dinner can be fun – especially with a glass or two of prosecco in the kitchen – or it can be a downright nightmare. At least that’s how it can seem sometimes. But if you’re catering for a big get together, then there are ways you can make festive cooking far easier. And here’s some tips on how to do exactly that:


    Use a double oven. There’s no point par-cooking the roast potatoes, sprouts and parsnips then finishing them off once the turkey’s done and there’s finally room in the oven. Instead, use a double oven, like our ‘A’ energy rated – 107L built in double oven and get everything done at once. Yes, a double oven means two ovens each independently controlled. That way you won’t have to fiddle about getting the temperatures all uniform – and your cooking time will be less too. And you’re using less gas or electricity. Result!


    Cook food the day before. Braised red cabbage can be made the day before and simply heated up on Christmas day. So too can the turkey stuffing. Sauces can be mixed beforehand as well. Anything that saves you time on the actual day is worth losing a few hours on Christmas Day to.


    Use your microwave. When it comes to deserts, if you’ve already prepared and cooked the Christmas pudding then the last thing you’ll want to do is make custard from scratch on the hob. Instead, it’s perfectly acceptable to get some store-bought custard and simply heat it up in a handy appliance such as our 20L countertop microwave. It’ll take a minute or two tops and that’ll give you time to adjust your party hat and take another sip or two of prosecco. Psst, no-one will be able to tell the difference, either.


    Get a wine cooler. Wonder how you’re going to keep all that white wine, prosecco and the mixers nice and chilled? Especially when you’ve a party planned for the night before? The way to cope is to invest in a wine cooler. Our 120L dual wine cooler can manage up to 40 bottles at a time – half of them at a different temperature. Have red wine on one side and white wine on the other. Both will come out at the right temperature, one chilled and the other at room temperature. You really will be the hostess with the mostess.


    Have a practice run. We don’t mean have a rehearsal with a huge turkey and all the trimmings a week or two before the big event. Rather, get in some practice with the stuff you’re worried about, such as the timing of the roast potatoes or ending up with soggy sprouts. Then again, you could go through the whole thing and time yourself so that when you come to serve up Christmas dinner in front of the whole family, you’ve got it all down completely off-pat.


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    Here at Cookology we have a whole range of wonderful time-saving appliances that can help you prepare food for your family and friends at Christmas and throughout the entire year. From induction hobs to double ovens, warming drawers and worktop microwaves, there’s a whole army of appliances ready to come to your aid, whenever you need it. See today – and prove a powerhouse in the kitchen tomorrow.


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