Preparing a Kitchen for Student Accommodation

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    Whether you’re set to become a landlord for the first time or you simply haven’t rented out a student flat before, there’s a lot to consider before you welcome your first tenants. Obviously, you have to make sure the property itself is up to scratch – but you also have a responsibility to check that the appliances contained within it are in good working order too.

    Although your tenants might be able to put up with a temperamental TV remote, they’re not going to tolerate a dodgy microwave or hob. So, before you rent your property out, it’s vital that you prepare the kitchen and check that everything inside it is fully operational. In this landlord guide to kitchen appliances, we’re going to cover everything you need to know. From your responsibilities as a landlord to advice on purchasing trade kitchen appliances, we’ll aim to answer all of your burning questions below.

    Your responsibilities as a landlord

    First, let’s recap your responsibilities as a landlord: what will tenants be expecting of you when it comes to the condition of their kitchen? If you’ve rented out homes or flats before, you’ll doubtless be familiar with your responsibilities anyway – they remain the same for student accommodation as they do for any other kind of housing.

    However, if you’re a new landlord, here’s a recap of your key responsibilities when it comes to the kitchen and white goods like ovens, fridge freezers and microwaves.

    Supplying fault-free white goods

    For starters, you’ll be responsible for supplying white goods that work correctly and don’t have any notable faults. If everyday essentials like the microwave and oven don’t work as they should, this will inevitably lead to complaints from your tenants. It’s best to start things off on the right foot by sourcing fully functioning, quality appliances from the get go.

    Carrying out maintenance

    As a landlord, you’re ultimately responsible for maintaining the accommodation’s kitchen appliances. If any recalls need to be completed or repairs need carrying out, you’ll have to make sure they get done – preferably before the warranty period ends!

    Completing safety testing

    Safety should always be your number one priority, which is why we recommend testing your appliances every so often. An annual or six-monthly safety test costs very little but offers both you and your tenants peace of mind. Plus, completing PAT testing is a legal requirement if you’re including appliances within your rental property.

    Choosing suitable appliances for a student kitchen

    Now you understand your responsibilities as a tenant, let’s take a look at appliances. How do you identify which products are suitable for your student kitchen – and what are the key considerations to bear in mind when shopping? Below, we’ve outlined our top tips for landlords when purchasing kitchen appliances.

    Value for money

    Naturally, your budget will always come towards the top of your list of considerations. You’re renting out your property to generate revenue, after all – you don’t want to spend more on white goods than you need to. However, there’s more to think about here than just the purchase price; if you choose cheap appliances that fail prematurely, it could end up costing you more in the long run.

    Instead, consider value for money. The cheapest appliances aren’t always the best (and the most expensive ones aren’t always worth the money) so look out for good value machines with a strong reputation and positive customer reviews.

    If you don’t want the expense of adding built-in appliances (like a dishwasher) but want to add a little extra functionality to the kitchen to draw tenants in, consider our range of tabletop appliances. Simple to install and cost effective, a tabletop dishwasher offers the same functionality as a built-in model without the need to invest in additional kitchen cabinetry – and it’s the perfect way to help your tenants keep your property clean and well maintained. 


    Before you go shopping for appliances, think about how they’re going to be used. If you’re only renting out a small flat for one or two students, the appliances probably won’t live a particularly hard life. Conversely, if you’re renting out a larger property and the appliances are going to be shared by four or more people, you’ll want to go for sturdier, more durable white goods that can handle the extra workload.

    Either way, whichever appliances you choose should be durable enough to cope with their predicted usage. As we mentioned above, it often pays to choose tougher machines that last longer as opposed to entry-level models with a limited lifespan.

    Convenience and ease of use

    Your kitchen appliances are going to be used by students. We hate to stereotype, but students aren’t always known for their cooking skills – so you should factor this in when shopping for appliances. Ease of use and convenience are key, so complex multifunction appliances might not always be the way to go: sometimes, simpler is better. This explains why air fryers are so popular nowadays. Easy to use and easy to clean, they can serve as an affordable added feature of a student rental that will differentiate it from other properties on the market.

    Warranty period

    When you’re shopping for appliances, check that your chosen models come with at least a 12-month parts and labour warranty. Not only does a warranty give you peace of mind, it could save you money too.

    Supplier reputation

    Finally, don’t forget to shop with a supplier that has a solid reputation. Sure, it can be tempting to take a punt on a cheap appliance from a brand you’ve never heard of – but is it really worth the risk? We’d recommend perusing Trustpilot reviews to get a clear picture of each company’s reputation. If the vast majority of customers are happy, it’s likely you will be too.

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