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What Are the Advantages of a Kitchen Island?

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    When you picture a high-end modern kitchen, what comes to mind? Sleek, high-tech appliances, perhaps. Classy, soft-close cupboards. Ingenious storage solutions. Elegant lighting. Oh, and an island, of course. Islands have become an interior design staple, gracing the kitchens of the most luxurious homes the world has to offer – but their popularity has made them more accessible than ever.

    No longer are kitchen islands the sole preserve of multi million pound homes: they’re more affordable than ever, and are being specified in more and more kitchen refits and new build homes as a result.

    But are they worth investing in? Do they offer any real advantages? In this blog, we’re going to answer those questions once and for all, taking a closer look at the benefits of adding an island to your new kitchen.


    Let’s start with the obvious: kitchen islands, when installed correctly and specified tastefully, look absolutely stunning. That’s our opinion, at least, and the majority of homeowners seem to agree. According to a 2023 study from Houzz, 55% of homeowners chose to add an island or upgrade their existing one when refitting their kitchen. Only 37% of those surveyed chose a kitchen layout without an island.

    Clearly then, islands are still in vogue. They certainly make a statement, adding a high-end touch to your kitchen that visitors (or potential buyers) will certainly notice. If you’re looking to give your kitchen that all-important ‘wow factor’, installing an island is a smart move.

    Storage space

    It’s not just aesthetics that have played a part in the meteoric rise of kitchen islands – homeowners love the additional practicality they offer. If you’re a little short on storage space, adding an island should take care of that problem.

    Available with drawers, cupboards or a combination of both, islands can accommodate everything from ingredients to cookware, freeing up space around your kitchen and making it much easier to keep organised.

    A new home for appliances

    An island is the perfect place to install a built under oven and a hob to match. At Cookology, we even offer island-specific extractor hoods, so you won’t have to sacrifice any creature comforts should you choose to move your main cooking area to the middle of the kitchen.

    Alternatively, you could add a sink to your island and keep your cooker where it is currently. Either way, there are clear benefits: with an island in place, you won’t need to move around your kitchen as much. Everything you need during the preparation, cooking and cleaning stages will be immediately to hand, saving you time and making life a little easier.

    Preparation space

    If you’re preparing a more complex dish or cook for friends and family on the regular, it’s important to have plenty of preparation space. Whether you’re preparing an indulgent bake or cooking a three course feast, you need plenty of room for your chopping boards, mixing bowls and tabletop appliances – and an island gives you that.

    No matter what you’re cooking, you won’t feel short of space when you have an island installed. If you’re an avid cook, the extra space will make meal prep all the more enjoyable – and a whole lot easier.

    Additional seating

    Islands are perfect for entertaining. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a large dining room with a suitably-sized table, accommodating all your friends and family can be tough – and a separate dining room can leave you feeling disconnected from the action. If the party’s going on in one room and you’re cooking in another, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out.

    An island can serve as an all in one cooking and entertaining hub. When equipped with additional seating, islands are the perfect place for guests to gather round, allowing you to continue preparing food without missing a second of the conversation. 


    Dining in the same place day in, day out can get boring. Sometimes, it’s fun to mix it up a bit – and that’s so much easier to do when you have an island. Depending on what you’re eating and when, you have the flexibility to choose where you eat. Fancy a quick breakfast or lunch? The island is the perfect place for it. If you’re in the mood for a romantic evening meal, you can stick with the dining table – the choice is yours.

    If space is tight, you might even prefer to do away with your dining table entirely. If you fit a large enough island, you may find that you prefer eating there, allowing you to get rid of your dining table and free up space. Either way, an island is a great way to add versatility and flexibility to your home.

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