What’s best – a ‘true fan’ or a ‘fan heat’ oven?

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    What’s best – a ‘true fan’ or a ‘fan heat’ oven?

    Before we go on to answer the question in our title, you’re probably wondering what exactly when mean by the terms ‘true fan’ and ‘fan heat’ oven, anyway. Lets explore first the best fan ovens.

    The ‘true fan’ oven or ‘fan heat’ oven

    Certainly, most of us are familiar with – and probably have – a ‘true fan’ oven. This is when you’ll find both a heat element and fan at the back of the oven. Once the element heats up the fan circulates that warmth throughout the oven, in a continuous manner, making sure all the food is cooked through evenly. The fan runs during the entire time the oven is switched on.

    Benefits of a true fan oven

    • Food is cooked quicker than in a conventional oven
    • The oven doesn’t need such a high temperature to cook food (it can cook around 20 degrees lower)
    • Food cooks more evenly throughout
    • It means you’re using less energy so will save money on your utility bill

    The ‘fan assisted’ oven

    The ‘fan assisted’ oven does not have an integral heating element, but uses either the heat from the grill or the heating elements at both the top or the bottom of the oven to circulate the heat. Generally, it will take longer to heat the oven and may not be as efficient in keeping the heat consistent throughout the oven. Fan assisted ovens are generally at the lower end of the price range.

    In conclusion

    Both types of fan ovens are similar in the sense that, when switched on the fans give out an even heat – and to all four corners of the oven (the coldest areas when cooking). In both cases, the bigger the fan, the better.

    Using a fan in the oven – whether ‘true’ or ‘assisted’ also means food cooks in less time and at a lower temperature. In a static or convection oven the heat rises to the top, with the result food higher up in the oven gets cooked quicker than items on the bottom shelf. Not so with an oven with a fan.

    Fan ovens have grown in popularity because of their speed in heating up the oven (some are called ‘turbo’ fans) and the heat consistency throughout the oven.  It’s why those who do a lot of baking as well as cooking are advised to opt for a true fan oven. However, there is still a place for convection ovens especially for those who enjoy making traditional recipes or just pizzas as the rising heat from the bottom element cooks the base perfectly.


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