Why are Ovens Getting Bigger?

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    Why are Ovens Getting Bigger?

    Like TV screens, ovens are also getting bigger these days (although, admittedly not by nearly the same extent). There is though, a definite rise in the oven size and capacity of arguably your kitchen’s most important appliance.

    Measuring your oven

    First though, how do you measure the size of an oven? Well, it’s measured in litres. The higher the number of litres (capacity) then the more food you’ll be able to cook at the same time. It’s why if you have a family, then a larger capacity oven is far preferable to a smaller version. For instance, it’s possible to buy an oven with a capacity of 24 litres, all the way up to a version more than three times that capacity, at 82 litres. The standard oven size used to be 55 litres, now it’s not unusual to see ovens selling with capacities of 65, 70, 73 and 80 litres.

    So, what’s changed? Well, we have. Or at least, we’re socialising at home more. That means more dinner parties and, by necessity, a bigger oven. If you’re the type of family who love a roast dinner and all the trimmings every Sunday, for instance, then you’re going to want more than a standard sized oven. And, if you don’t want to restrict the number of guests at your dinner party then you’ll also be opting for an oven with a cavity large enough to let you cook several dishes at the one time.

    It’s not unusual either these days for our kids to bring home a friend or two for dinner (in the olden days it was just a snack, today it’s progressed to dinner, often followed by a sleepover.

    Having a full-size oven though is a bit like marmite – you either love it or you don’t. Some people, for instance, use a microwave or air fryer to cook with. Especially those in smaller apartments with galley kitchens who simply don’t have the luxury of space for a full-sized oven. For those who love it though, there’s nothing better.

    Benefits of today’s ovens

    Today’s ovens come with double glazed removable doors and easy-clean enamel.

    The latter has replaced the previous self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens – and just in nick of time too, considering today’s soaring energy bills. That’s because pyrolytic ovens – which were popular a few years ago – are energy guzzlers. They tended only to be available in standard size ovens. Their big selling point was that they were self-cleaning. But, they needed to run at around 450 degrees celcius and, for an hour or more, in order to burn off grease deposits from interior cavity walls. Considering today’s sky-high energy costs it’s probably cheaper to pay someone to come and clean the oven for you…

    The new easy-clean enamel you find in today’s ovens doesn’t require high temperatures to stay sparkling clean. Provided you clean it regularly, inside will look good as new every time you open that oven door.


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