Why are Double Ovens Trending?

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    Why are Double Ovens Trending? With today’s trend for open plan living we’re spending just as much time in our kitchens as we are our sitting rooms (in fact, they’re both the same thing).

    By extension then, what we have in our kitchens is more important than ever before. Being more sociable spaces, our kitchens are now playing an ever more important part in our lives. Guests come around and sit at the kitchen island snacking. That leads to dinner parties and large family meals. It doesn’t take a genius to work out then why double ovens are growing in popularity amongst today’s contemporary home owners.

    What is a double oven?

    A double oven can be inbuilt or under counter. It has two separate cooking cavities (ovens). A built in double oven sits at eye level in a column cabinet. A built under double oven has a larger oven at the bottom and smaller at the top. This allows a hob to be fitted above the under counter oven. The hob sits at the height of the kitchen worktop (or counter). The width of a double oven built in is usually similar to that of a single oven ie 60cm.

    Benefits of a double oven

    The main benefit of a electric double oven is the ability to cook two different things at the same time and at different temperatures (if required). When cooking a Sunday lunch, for instance, you could have the roast in the larger oven and the Yorkshire pudding in the smaller, top oven. It means you can also vary the timings between the two ovens and use one on a fan heating and the other convection.

    A double oven is a real bonus for family meals and parties since it’s possible to use the larger oven to cook with and the smaller to keep dishes warm or heat them up.

    Having a double oven then obviously provides more flexibility than that of a single oven. But you can still use the double oven as a single oven by heating up only one of the cavities.

    For those who like to batch cook, a double oven comes into its own. You can plough through recipes and prepare freezer-ready meals, bread or cakes in no time at all.

    Another undeniable benefit of the double oven – particularly the upright inbuilt version – is that it looks great in a modern kitchen sitting. These versions tend to have both ovens a similar large size.

    What can I expect to pay?

     The sheer fact you’re getting two ovens instead of one means that a double oven will obviously cost more than a single oven. But for those with large families or who like to host dinner parties, there’s no question a double oven will come into its own time and time again.

    At Cookology we sell both inbuild and under counter double ovens. These range from £349.99 to £369.99.

    Find out more

     You’ll find specifications and details on all our double ovens at our website. But you can get advice from one of our expert staff by chatting online. You can also call our team on 08000 308 444 or write to us via email on

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