Cookology Hob Buying Guide

Cookology Hob Buying Guide

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    If you’re passionate about the food that you cook in your kitchen or you have a brand new kitchen that you’re itching to try out, then a top-quality hob is a must. With different types of hob available, it is not always easy to decide which hob is the best one for you. With fuel types, the number of hobs, and size to consider there is no wonder that it can all get a little confusing.

    That is where the Cookology hob buying guide comes in. We’ve put this together so that you can be as fully informed as possible. Whether you are wanting to learn about our top of the range electric hobs or seeking a gas hob buying guide, we’ve got all of the answers below.

    Which type of hob is best?

    If you were scrolling through an electric hob buying guide, you would be quickly persuaded that electric hobs are best. However, while we’re a huge fan of these hob types, like our beautiful Cookology range, no one can simply tell you which is right for you. The truth is that whether gas or electric is right for you depends! Here’s a look at what effects which hob is right for you:

    • The types of food that you cook
    • Do you need instant heat?
    • Are you looking for controls that are precise?
    • Is convenience the most important factor to you?

    The answers to these questions will help you go some way towards realising what is the best type of hob for you.

    Gas hobs

    Any gas hob buying guide is quick to point out that these types of hobs are still the most popular. Our range of Cookology gas hobs indicates why. With instant heat and complete control over the temperature, gas hobs certainly hold great appeal. Of course, you’re going to need a mains gas supply for this hob type, but as long as this is in place then you’re good to go.

    Electric hobs

    There are different electric hob types to consider. Regardless of the type that you may look at, from ceramic to induction hobs, it is worth knowing that these have continued to grow in popularity. With no gas supply, electric hobs are the default go-to, but even where gas is available, more and more people are opting for the electric hob alternative.

    Electric hob types

    If you feel that electric hobs are more suited to your style of cooking, you then face a decision around the different types of hob that are electric. If you look at our range of electric Cookology hobs, you’ll see that there are there main types to consider:

    Induction hobs

    Looking into an induction hob buying guide will show you straight away that these types of electric hob are stylish, look great, and boast plenty of power. Many modern kitchens are now looking at which induction hob to include as they become the hob of choice. If you choose this type of Cookology hob then you’re going to need pans that have magnetic bases. These can be cast-iron pans or, in some cases, stainless steel. What you will really love about induction hobs is how easy they are to clean. Since these hobs are smooth, modern and they are super easy to wipe clean.

    Ceramic hobs

    Some would argue that the best type of hob is one that brings convenience. Not only are Cookology ceramic hobs stylish. super smooth and sleek appearance, they are also super easy to wipe clean. This is one area that ceramic hobs excel in. You may find that these hob types take a little longer to warm up, but once they’re up to heat you will find that they maintain their temperature well and provide an all-around great cooking experience.

    Solid plate hobs

    Any hob buying guide that you look at will all tell you the same thing about solid plate hobs – while they are traditional options, they are certainly not the quickest at heating up. Some people find that this is actually a benefit as the gradual increase in temperature makes your food cook evenly.


    Your guide to hob measurement

    An important part of this hob buying guide is to look at hob types and what sizes they actually are and whether they will fit in your new kitchen. Looking at different types of hob and making a choice can be pretty frustrating if you then go on to find that your hob won’t even fit where you want it to.

    Fortunately, when it comes to different types of hob, the majority of these are a standard size. The only difference is between the electric hob types – induction hobs tend to have less height than traditional gas hobs. When it comes to the other types of electric hob (solid plate and ceramic) as well as gas hobs, these tend to be 50cm deep with a height of 5cm. The width can vary from 60cm – 90cm depending on the model that you have opted for.

    Your guide to hob placement and how to fit

    Regardless of the type of hob that you have chosen, you will need to make sure that your worktop is large enough and also strong enough to hold the material and features of the hob. Knowing the measurements of hob types means that this is now easy to check before you go ahead and buy.

    When it comes to installing any of the electric hob types, these will need to be wired in. You will find electric hobs with lower fuse ratings that you can install yourself. However, the majority of this will need a qualified electrician to do the job for you. If you have selected a gas hob then you’re going to need a gas supply as well as an electrical connection.

    One of the most imprint checks to carry out before you have your hob fitted is that there is plenty of ventilation. If you find that your kitchen is lacking when it comes to airflow, we would recommend that you take a look at the cooker hoods that are available.

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    • Can a hob be placed above my kitchen draw?

      Yes, providing that there is enough clearance. Often, a false draw will be used to ensure that the clearance is sufficient. If you are having your kitchen renovated, you should decide this before the drawers are put in place. 

    • How can I keep my hob clean?

      When it comes to different types of hob, electric hobs are the easiest to keep clean. Simply wiping this down with a warm damp cloth will do the job. Gas hobs are a little trickier because of all of the parts involved and these may need taking apart for a decent clean.

    • What types of saucepan can I use on my hob?

      With gas hobs, you can use almost any type of pan. This is also the case with a solid plate hob. When it comes to a ceramic hob then you will need pans that are heavy and coated in aluminium or anodised stainless steel. For an induction hob, you need pans that have a magnetic base. 

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