Cookology 37 Litre Electric Mini Oven - White

The Micro – but Mighty – Cookology Compact Oven

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    Robust thermal insulation for lower heating costs, excellent heat distribution and easy cleaning – meet our Superstar Cookology 37 Litre Electric Mini Oven.

    Not only does this sleek, black kitchen essential pack a punch in terms of energy efficiency, it’s also great for small spaces. Neat enough to fit on a narrow countertop, it’s perfect for a galley kitchen or other limited prepping and cooking area. That also makes it the ideal kitchen must-have for a studio flat or bedsit. Alternatively, offer it as an attractive extra in your self-catering holiday accommodation.


    Cuts back on heating costs

    The Low-E glass window in the Cookology 37 Litre Electric Mini Oven allows the heat to reflect back into the centre of the oven, meaning you don’t need to put up the temperature in the first place. And that means using less electricity to power it, together with a lower heating bill for you.

    Talking of heat, the lowest temperature you can set your oven to is 40°C, rising to a high of 220°C. That means you can cook more or less any meal you fancy. Just plug in the oven, pop in the food and go and get on your business, knowing you’ll be alerted when your meal is ready to tuck in to by the electric oven’s inbuilt timer.

    Meanwhile, there’s no chance of burning yourself by accidentally touching your mini oven. A double metal sheet keeps the heat inside, but it also ensures the outer is cool. And, thanks to the fact there’s a heating element in both the top and bottom of the oven, the heat distribution is 360 degrees. That means no burnt crust pie top and soggy bottom. Instead, your food will always be cooked through evenly.

    The Cookology 37 Litre Electric Mini Oven comes with both a solid shelf and a wire shelf, as well as a tray handle. The mini oven has four different functions – an essential grill and heating elements both top and bottom which can be independently controlled to allow even and focused heating such as the bottom of a pizza – nothing worse than a soggy pizza base. . Really, it’s all you need to be able to serve up your customary three meals a day of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cooking for yourself and a partner has never been simpler – or easier.


    Easy clean interior

    Better still, at the end of the day, simply give it a quick once-over with a cloth. The acid-proof enamel inside prevents grease and dirt from sticking to it. And that means no more spending minutes trying to rub off stubborn, hardened grease stains. You can also steam clean it in 30 minutes, as per the oven’s instructions.

    The freestanding Cookology 37 Litre Electric Mini Oven has a one-year guarantee on materials and workmanship. Here at Cookology we also offer a 30-days returns policy – but we’re pretty sure once you realise all the benefits that this compact yet flexible mini oven has to offer, then you won’t dream of sending it back. In fact, we reckon you will happily be recommending it to friends and family.

    Here at Cookology we offer a large range of mini and microwave ovens. Order today for free delivery.

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