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    With sky-high utility bills expected any time now, it’s more important than ever to make sure we cut back on our energy consumption.

    Looking at the kitchen in particular, there are many ways we can do this, from using newer appliances (which tend to be more energy efficient) to being smarter about the way we use them. We can, for instance, batch cook to save on oven use and always use full loads in the washing machine. Keeping our fridge reasonably well stocked also cuts back on the amount of energy it uses.

    Most of these ideas are well-known by now. What consumers don’t tend to think about much though is the energy efficiency of cooker extractor hoods. Like other kitchen appliances, these too come with an EU energy rating – A being the best and D the lowest. The best A rating is in fact, A++ .We are delighted to be able to present you with five A-rated extractor hoods – four with A++ and one with A+.

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    Cookology Linear Chimney Cooker Hood

    Available in three sizes (a standard 60cm, 70cm and slightly larger 90cm), this A++ rated designer cooker hood is available in a sleek black glass front panel with touch controls and digital display. Two energy saving LED spotlights beam onto the top of the cooker, providing task lighting for cooking. It also features an auto shut-off timer and is practically noiseless.

    Cookology Black angled glass  Energy Saving Cooker Hood 

    Measuring 90cm and with an A++ energy rating, this large hood with angled black glass front is a perfect fit for larger range cookers and hobs. One of our most popular sellers, this hood is easy to clean, thanks to its contemporary touch control panel. An LED display is simple to operate, while the hood is fitted with a 10-minute switch off time to ensure no energy is wasted when not in use.

    Cookology Cylinder island extractor hood

    Measuring 35cm and A++ rated, this stunning, black cylinder island cooker hood is great for medium to tall kitchen ceilings. Has Contemporary push button controls and Led spot lights. The hood comes with three speeds, allowing you to control not just the power, but also extraction when you have guests sitting around. For use with either a ducting kit or charcoal filters.

    Cookology Island stainless steel extractor hood

    An elegant designer Island hood measuring 35cm, this brushed stainless-steel pendant is perfect for hobs in kitchen islands. It has been designed for kitchens with lower ceilings and hangs with secure steel cables. Carbon filters are included. Features two bright LED spot lights to create a focal point in your kitchen. Comes with button controls and three speeds. Also available in white.

    Cookology built-in Canopy cooker hood

    This A+ rated white glass built-in canopy cooker hood is ideal for both air recirculation or outside venting. Measuring 75cm it sits above a hob, in a cupboard. Has contemporary touch controls and LED task lighting.  It’s possible to adjust the hood two three different speeds, while a timer will switch the hood off after nine minutes to save energy.

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