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How To Choose The Right Kitchen Sink

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    Choosing a beautiful kitchen sink for your brand-new kitchen is an investment that is set to completely change the look and functionality of your kitchen. These pillars of kitchen design are not replaced often and are used almost every single day, so it is crucial that you take the time to consider your options when buying a new one. What is your budget? How big is your space? What materials can you use?

    There aren’t many features of a home that sees more action than the kitchen sink and it could be argued that the selection of a sink is one of the most important kitchen choices you will make when designing a kitchen. Used for washing fruits and vegetables, scrubbing used pots and even bathing the smallest members of the family, so finding a sink that caters to your lifestyle (and looks good) is crucial.

    In this blog, we will highlight some of the different sink and tap set designs, kitchen sink materials and model shapes.


    Kitchen Sink Materials

    There are plenty of materials for you to choose from for your new kitchen sink. From composite granite to stainless steel, choosing the right material for your sink can change the entire aesthetic of your new kitchen.

    When picking your material, you should consider the size, budget and general use of your sink.

    Composite Kitchen Sinks

    A fresh and relatively new design to modern kitchen sinks, composite kitchen sinks are a modern blend of man-made and natural stone particles. Components such as acrylic resins are combined with pulverised minerals, like quartz or granite. These sinks are beautifully crafted and look amazing in a modern kitchen and best of all? They last. Composite granite kitchen sinks are incredibly durable and tend to be more heat, stain and scratch-resistant than stainless steel sinks.

    Composite granite sinks can be easily integrated with a modern granite countertop and can withstand high temperatures of up to 280°C. These durable sink models also feature anti-bacterial properties and are highly resistant to stains and scratches. Composite kitchen sinks are low-maintenance and make for a practical and sleek sink solution.

    Steel Kitchen Sinks

    The most popular material for kitchen sinks found in UK kitchens is stainless steel. Not only practical but incredibly durable, stainless steel kitchen sinks can last for decades (if well cared for) and are very easy to wipe down and keep clean. When selecting your stainless steel kitchen sink, it is important to check the gauge of a steel sink which refers to the number that denotes the thickness of the material (smaller numbers indicate a thicker layer of steel).

    Stainless steel is durable and offers a low-upkeep kitchen solution for most households and tends to be the most affordable of sink materials.

    Fireclay Ceramic Sinks

    Traditional, clean and historic, ceramic kitchen sinks are a picture of old English design. These sinks are the pinnacle of any traditional-style kitchen and can be known to last a lifetime if well looked after.

    Though ceramic kitchen sinks are usually associated with the historic Belfast and Butler designs, a selection of under-mount and inset models are now available on the market. Thanks to these sinks being easy to clean as well as heat resistant, they can look pristine for years and years.


    Inset Kitchen Sinks

    Also referred to as overmount sinks, inset sinks are the most popular kitchen sink model and are the most straightforward to install. No matter who is installing the sink or what kitchen design you have, an inset sink is quick and easy to add to your kitchen.

    The most common materials used for inset sinks are Ceramic, stainless steel and silgranit – all are easy to install. The inset kitchen sink is mounted from above the counter, whereby the bowl drops into a hole prepared in the work surface and the rim rests on the top. While these sink models offer a more traditional feel, they can suit contemporary and traditional kitchens alike.

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